Cymru Images was formed by myself Peter K. Thomas in 1995

I was born in Aberdare in 1949 and worked for British Coal in various South Wales Collieries until 1990 as a mechanical engineer, taking up photography full time which enabled me to pursue another "love" to be in the countryside and on the beautiful British Coastline.

After the confines of the tunneled mining world, it's wonderful to step through a viewfinder to honour and celebrate nature's beauty.

I now spend most of my time on the Gower at Mumbles and exhibit my photography at various venues there.

I use Nikon cameras and lenses for all my work, recently introducing more digital equipment as technology improves to rival the print quality of film, although all formats have their place to take pictures as a window of the world.

Traveling throughout the UK. I am mostly accompanied by my Labrador, Seren (Welsh for star), who also loves a ramble in the countryside.

I have also visited abroad to capture many of my images, including the USA, Venice, Barcelona, Rome to mention a few.

I adore shooting landscapes first and foremost because I have to be outdoors and amid the changing seasons and therefore changing colours and light.

Inspired by the famous Max Boyce song "Duw its Hard"
I took my helmet home with me, filled it full of earth
Planted little flowers, aye, which grew for all their worth
It's hanging in the glasshouse now, a living memory
Those little flowers could be growing over me

My motivation has been fired by photographers such as Lee Frost, Andy Rose, Joe Cornish and Dave Wootton, all younger than myself and have forgotten more than I will ever know, providing inspiration for photography through their work and also their great books, workshops and magazine articles.


Hopefully you will find this site interesting. It will be forever changing like the seasons so please visit frequently, let me know your views.

All feedback is welcome, positive or negative, and please contact me with particular requirements and locations you may wish to see.

Croeso yr Gymru
Welcome to Wales



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